Sunday, 22 May 2016

Blog Post Ideas for Bloggers on a Budget

Hello, lovelies!

Guess who just gave their blog a makeover?! What do you guys think? :-)

I feel so much more motivated to blog now that I’m happier with how everything looks. It's kind of like when you need to tidy up your desk before you feel ready to get any work done, ha-ha. 

Although there’s still a lot that I want to fiddle around with, I’m super happy with my 
new theme... and the best part? It was only £2.48! (And, now that we're on the topic of money, I guess this is the perfect opportunity to segue into the point of this blog post.)


Coming into the blogging world with an empty bank account and a purse that’s collecting cobwebs can be pretty daunting sometimes. Seeing everybody with their fancy, pricey blog layouts is only the start of it… You’re also bombarded with constant run-downs of people’s splurgey makeup hauls, their posts about expensive, high-end beauty products, and mega-glam OOTDs featuring designer items that you could only ever dream of being able to afford.

It’s easy to start wondering where you fit in to all of this. I mean, I can’t post about luxurious trips away or the latest Mac lipsticks, and I don’t get sent free products from brands to review, or get invited to exciting events… so, what's there left to write about?

Well, the truth is… there’s a lot. The blogging world is still very much your oyster, and you still have a place here.

And so today, I've put together a list of some of my favourite, *inexpensive* post ideas for bloggers on a budget! 

1. Life updates. I personally love reading people’s life updates, because it lets me step inside their world for a second and get to know them a bit better. These little journal-style entries won’t cost you a penny, and you could even choose to post them weekly or monthly… perfect if you’d like to keep your blog updated regularly!

2. Wish-lists. Oh me oh my, I love a good wish-list. I’m constantly daydreaming about the things I would buy if I had an unlimited supply of money, and this is a great way of getting them all in one place - whether or not you actually have any intention of buying them!! Summer wish-lists, makeup wish-lists, homeware wish-lists, stationery wish-lists… the choices here are endless!

3. Favourites. A lot of bloggers will post monthly round-ups of their latest and greatest beauty finds – but this can be tricky to do if you can’t afford to buy & try a lot of beauty products. However, there are still plenty of options for you to write about! You could cover your latest favourite TV shows, or a new favourite artist or song, the best books that you read recently, or a new fave movie. Who knows - you might even help someone else discover a new favourite of their own.

4. Outfit of the day posts (OOTDs). If you have an interest in fashion but can’t afford loads of clothing hauls, don’t forget that you can always post about the clothes you already own! I love outfit of the day posts because they help me to find style inspiration – and even better if the bloggers can link their readers to where they got their outfit from!

5. What’s in your makeup bag. Similar to above, if you’d like to blog about makeup but can’t afford to buy all of the latest hot releases, writing about what you already own is a great place to start! Talk people through what you own, what you think of each product, and which ones are your ultimate go-tos!

6. Reflective/personal posts. The lovely thing about having a blog is that you get to have your own little personal corner of the internet. It’s there for you to do whatever you like with it – and sometimes, you might just feel like opening up and pouring your heart out. In all honesty, personal posts are amongst some of my favourite, because they allow me to really get to know the person behind the blog. Not only that, but oftentimes, they help me to feel a little bit less alone in the world. 

7. Instagram round-ups. Instagram round-ups are a way of showing everyone your latest Insta snaps, while also sharing the stories behind them. It’s a great way to mix visual images with text, and it might just double-up as a bit of a life-update, too. (And don’t be afraid to plug your Instagram while you’re at it!) [Example]

 8. Your favourite ever beauty products. Okay, so maybe you don’t have a makeup collection quite as extensive as a big-time beauty guru's, but you still might have stumbled across some great products in your time. Do you have a holy-grail foundation, a must-have lipstick or a go-to skincare product? Maybe you’ve even found an eyeliner that makes drawing on cat-flicks ACTUALLY HUMANLY POSSIBLE? (Got a bit carried away there. Soz.) List your fave products, and let the world know what it is that makes them so great!

9. Your fashion staples. There are just some fashion items that a gal can’t live without, because they just come in so darn handy all the time. (For me, it would be my black ankle boots and my plain white tee.) Share your must-have fashion staples with your readers - and you could even include some photos showing how you like to style them.

10. Think-pieces/opinion pieces. Opinion pieces are a total favourite of mine, because they can be so thought-provoking. In fact, they often open up my mind to new ideas, or points that I’d never even considered before. I love that the blogging platform provides people with a voice - so, if you’d like, go ahead and share your thoughts on a topic that matters to you!

11. Post about a recent day out. Posts about exotic trips away are great, but posts about nice days out can be just as enjoyable. Start photographing and documenting your days out, and talk people through what you did and where you went! 

12. Reviews of beauty products you already own. God bless beauty reviews because my god, I just find them so helpful. They help me to discover new products that I end up loving, and warn me off wasting my money on things that ended up being a bit… well, crap. You might not always be able to review the most recent product releases, but don’t shy away from talking about products that you already own – you never know when your review might help someone!

12. Playlists. If you love creating playlists as much as I do, then why not start putting some together and sharing them on your blog? They could be a collection of your favourite tunes from that month, or you could create some themed playlists – for example, a party playlist, a summer playlist, a motivational playlist, a Christmas playlist… You’re spoiled for choice! And the good news is, sites like SoundCloud and Spotify make it super easy to embed playlists into a blog post, letting your readers listen to all of your music picks directly.

14. Go to/write about blogging events! If you’re feeling a bit ‘left out’ in the blogging world, this could be the answer to your problems! There are so many free blogging events and meet-ups going on all the time, so keep your eyes peeled for events happening nearby if you’d like to get involved. Oh – and don’t forget to document your day so you can post about it after! It’s a win-win! 

15. Write about your favourite bloggers. And finally, if you’re stuck for ideas on what to blog about, why not share the love for your favourite bloggers? Let people know which blogs you love and why it is that they’re so great. And, who knows - stopping to think about why you love other people’s blogs might just help to inspire you when it comes to your own! 

I hope that some of these ideas have helped to give you a little inspiration. Let me know if you have any ideas of your own! 

Happy blogging, everyone! 


  1. Great post Talia! Some really great ideas here. As a blogger, it's easy to feel like you have to spend a lot of money on products, layouts and other bits to keep an audience interested.Jam x

  2. Great post Talia, I found it really helpful as a new blogger with a limited budget. Thank you!


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